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So if you followed my story. I went to Spain to study Spanish, had some amazing first weeks and eventually I decided to stay.

Today it won’t be a normal travel post or a review, but I wanted to update you all on my journey.

Last update

The last update was 4 weeks after I arrived in Spain. Now I am already here for 6 months (Still can’t really believe it!)

I talked about new friends, excursions, my Spanish actually improving and more. Read all of it here.

My Place

When I started looking for a place, I was surprised by the how expensive it was. There were different places within my budget. (I did not have a job yet…)

Most of them were studios (which is totally fine) but with a sofa bed and without an oven. Those are really important for me. I need an oven to make my amazing pita bread, and I just wanted a real bed.

Meanwhile, a classmate was also looking for a place. We joked about looking for a place together and actually found a great place.

And guess where I am living now!

View apartment

So yeah, I don’t live alone. Still on my own without family, but now with a friend. (And a cat! keep reading!)

My work

I was looking for work. I needed something to be able to stay here in Spain. After walking in different places and searching the internet, I couldn’t find anything.

On the edge of giving up, I posted something on Facebook and I finally got a reaction. The next day I was hired and starting.

So now I work in a restaurant. My boss gives me the opportunity to learn a lot and so I do the preparation right now. In the evenings I am the waitress.

I learn so much about running a kitchen and preparation that it is great! And my colleagues are great.

One of them only speaks Spanish, so that is great for my spanish. She takes the time to explain everything to me and it is going better and better!

My cat!

Here is it!

It is a fact that I missed my cat. A lot. So when a lady came with two kittens who where looking for a home, I was ready to say yes.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I accepted it. 2 cats in this apartment might be a bit much.

Two weeks later, I get a text from my boss. She just saved a kitten from under a car. He was stuck for 4 days and needed a home.

This was my chance. He was to small and I was going on holiday first, so he said with my boss until I came back.

Now he is 9 weeks old, healthy, happy and my new little cutie.

I am gonna learn him that I am his home (and not the apartment), so he can travel with me. We already started with some short bike rides and that is going well!

Going back to Holland

After waiting a few months, it was finally time to go back home. My family from the USA was also coming and I didn’t see them in 5 years.

And I wanted to see everyone again. So it was time for 5 days to Holland.

It was great! Not only to see my parents, sister, and brother, but also to see my uncle, aunt, and cousins. I also really needed to see my best friend and her mom. (They are my second sister and mom)

It was a bit of a weird holiday. I babysat my cousins, cooked for the family, and just normal life things.

We did go to NEMO in Amsterdam. This is a nice science museum where you can do a lot of things. So that was great for the kids.

NEMO Amsterdam

Ofcourse, I tried all the great Dutch snacks again. And I have to say. I arrived with an empty suitcase, went back with a full one. Just food.

Okay, it was hand luggage, so not that much, but still.

The next time I am going to Holland will be in September for a big party.

Free time

I don’t have a lot of time off, but I enjoy it to the fullest.

Last week I finally got to go to the butterfly park in Benalmadena. (post is on its way! must visit if you ask me!)

I also finally got a tan as I went to the beach a couple of times.

Going for dinner, to the movies, to a bar. I try to meet new people and make new friends. And keeping up with Marvel of course.

I even found a bar last week that had a tribute to my favorite movie! This was the first time I went out alone and I actually had a great time!

Going to movies or dinner alone is fine, but really going a night out was something bigger for me. But hé, this year is about doing new and exciting things for me.

The end

So this is it for me right now. Living a normal life, just in Spain instead of Holland.

Of course I miss my family and friends, but this is the best thing I ever did. Lets see what the future brings me!

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  • Wendy Overeinder

    13 July 2019


    I miss you and I am so proud of you!

    Love Mam


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