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First, I want to thank Everywhere Forward for believing in me and nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I did not expect this as I just started out, but feel amazing that people believe in me!


The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award for new bloggers given by other bloggers. You can get nominated for the SUnshine Blogging Award if you are able to inspire positivity, creativity, and joy in the blogging community. When I heard that I was nominated, my day could not get any better!

What Do I Do After I’m Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Once you’re nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, you have to follow some easy rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide them a link back to their blog on yours.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you! then, nominate 11 new bloggers and come up with a list of 11 questions for them to answer on their own blog!
3. Display the rules and the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo on your website

The questions that I got

What destination is at the top of your bucket list right now?

So it will be a while before I will actually go there and some other destination will be crossed off before it, but the absolute top of my bucket list is Antartica. 

It has been on my list since I found out you can actually sleep on the ice and meet some penguins. That was enough for me. But it is a very expensive destination and for a short period of time. But as I just turned 20, I still have some time. 

Just under Antartica are Australia and Chernobyl. I would love to visit here as it has so much to offer or the history is very interesting. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your travels?

Oh, hard one. The biggest lesson I learned is that there are so many different people out there. Not only the negative and mean people I got to know while growing up. I never had a lot of friends, until I started traveling. Now I actually see the good in people and have friends all over the world!

Are you a full-time blogger? If, so what advice do you have for other full-time bloggers? If not, how do you balance work-blogger life?

I am not a full-time blogger, yet. I really want to become one and travel the world. For now, that is still impossible and I am okay with that. Give it time and I believe I will get there. 

I am in no position to complain as I am living in Spain for the moment studying Spanish. So in the mornings, I go to school and in the afternoons I work.  I try to balance my hobbies with working. 

My goal is to work 3 hours a day, read for at least 1 hour and stay up with all the shows I watch (while binge-watching other shows). I also go out for drinks with friends and love to cook. I have been putting more time in my blog in January and it is paying off! I finally get some more views, although I am not earning anything yet. But I do it because I love it!

Are you a traveling foodie, museum-lover, photographer, family travelers, or sight-seer? Or none of the above?!

Oh, I am a lot of different tourists. I am a foodie for sure! I try to do cooking classes and eat where the locals eat at every destination. 

I also love sights and museums. You won’t find me at the pool or beach if there is a sight I have not seen yet. Oh well, you won’t find me at the beach at all and rarely by the pool. 

My favorite thing to do is just walk through the streets, go to restaurants that are not on the main street and order off the menu in the local language. (who wants to know what they are eating right?)

I traveled with my parents until I got my internship in Greece 2 years ago. Now I travel alone or with friends. But I definitely see myself camping with the family when I get kids. 

What inspired you to become a travel blogger?

I actually never thought about it, until a few months ago. I always like writing and actually wrote some children’s book for my babysitting kids (not saying there were good, but they liked them). 

I was chatting with a friend and he was complaining that I watch so many series and movies and that I should do something with it. Like, start a website with reviews. 

A site with just reviews was pretty bare in my eyes, so I added recipes and travel with it. It did not take a long time, but travel is my main focus now. 

So it started with a funny comment of a friend and now I love doing this and take it very seriously. 

Share your favorite travel photo and tell us why!

Plaza de espana, Sevilla

I have to choose this picture. I made it last week when I visited Sevilla. I got a camera from a great friend just before I left for Spain and I am still playing with it. 

Plaza de España is a plaza I could stay for hours and just enjoy the street artists and watch people. I was able to shot this picture and I am so happy with it! 

I actually made some other great pictures, but I had to choose one… So it will be this one. The excursion was also great and with some great new friends!

Have you been to a destination that disappointed you? Why did it disappoint?

Sadly, I have to say yes to this question. I went with my best friend to Corfu last summer for some relaxing and site seeing. But when we arrived, the hotel was full of old people that have been coming here for years. 

The town was promoted with a lot of restaurants and pubs, but there was almost nothing. We still had fun and it was actually a great holiday. But I am not going back to Corfu again. 

I am really bad at relaxing and staying by the pool during the holiday, but I spent the whole week at the pool, puzzling and reading my books. I actually finished the whole Harry Potter series in 7 days! 

Where is your favorite place to travel?

There is so much I still want to see and can not take it as an answer to this question. But my favorite places to travel are cities. I love city trips because there are so many things to see and discover in a small place. It does not matter if it is London or Ronda or Chiang Mai. Every city has so much to offer and its own personality. 

If I really have to choose one destination, I would go with Andalusia for now. It is a pretty big part of Spain but has everything to offer. From beaches to cities, mountains to plains. I, currently, live in Benalmadena in Andalusia and loving the culture and way of living here. 

Where are you traveling next?

I actually do not know yet. I am looking for a job here in Spain and if I can’t find one, I have a job waiting for me in Lisbon. 

The plan is to go on holiday with a friend this summer, but it depends on how many days I can get off.
1 week – probably a Greek island or a double city trip.
2 weeks – 3 or 4 cities in eastern Europe.
3 weeks – (probably not possible) Interrailing through eastern Europe.

I will also go a weekend to Berlin, to visit some new friends I made here in Spain and a week back to Holland, because my parents are married for 25 years in September. In the same week, my brother turns 18 (the 21 in the USA) and my sister will get her Masters Degree.  A good reason to go home right?? 

What is your favorite part about traveling?

There is actually only one part I hate about traveling. Tourists. You know the people that need to take at least 30 pictures from exactly the same place and same angle. All for Instagram. They can be so annoying sometimes. I actually like that I speak a bit Spanish, so when the locals complain about the tourist, I understand and start to laugh. I will just look at the locals and give them a nod. Then they start laughing too and sometimes we have a great conversation! 

I love the flying, eating local food, walking through small streets, talking to locals to see what they recommend. Sleeping in hotels or in a tent, buying souvenirs, I love it all. 

Where was the first place you ever traveled to?

Apparently, the first place I traveled to was America to visit my uncle. But I was 1 and do not remember anything! This was also the time I went to DisneyWorld Florida. Also, do not remember a thing about this. 

The first trip that I remember pretty well is a camping trip to the Czech Republic. We went in the car and the tent to camping Papillion. The camping was from an old colleague of my mom, so we already knew them. There was a small river behind the camping where we would swim, I loved the big trampoline and made a lot of friends. 

We went to this camping a few times and then we went to the south of France and the north of Spain. But I always loved the camping Papillion the most. 

My questions for the new nominees

So now I have to nominate 11 other bloggers and think of 11 questions for them. I decided I wanted to keep in the travel bloggers, so here are my questions!

  1. What was your first trip alone?
  2. Are you a typical all-inclusive of an Airbnb traveler?
  3. What was the reason to start blogging about your adventures?
  4. What was the best holiday you had till now?
  5. What are the three destinations on your bucket list?
  6. Which activities are at the top of your bucket list?
  7. Show us your favorite travel picture and tell us why!
  8. Have you learned a good life lesson on your travel? 
  9. How did traveling change your life?
  10. How do you combine blogging with work, or are you are Fulltime blogger? Please give us all some tips!
  11. City or beach destination?

My nominees for the Sunshine Blogger Awards

I would love to congratulate the next bloggers for their enthusiasm, blogs and the support they give the community. 

  1. Amanda from Mybackpackerlife
  2. Fiona from Passport and Piano
  3. Kaisa from Glamgranolatravel
  4. Emma from NeversayNether
  5. Shannon from Adventuringwithshannon
  6. Larch from The Silver Nomad Blog
  7. Kristin from SippinGypsy 

I know there are only 7 blogs on here and not 11. But I only want to nominate the blogs I really like. I also don’t want to keep waiting until I find new ones, So for now, there are just 7.

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