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what I learned in Indonesia

I love thinking back on this trip. It brought me a lot of good, but also a few bad memories. I learned a lot in Indonesia and let me tell you what.

Why did I go to Indonesia?

My family wanted to go to Indonesia for a long time. My granddad is from there, so we wanted to see where our roots came from.

He left Indonesia when he was just a few months old, but his parents told a lot of stories. After hearing the stories, we wanted to go.

We made the deal that once our old house was sold, we were going with the whole family. But it took a few years.

The summer that we were moving to our new house, my granddad died. We waited to long.

So we did not wait until the house was sold, and we booked a holiday. We went with a group trip to Java and Bali.

Eventually, the house was sold just the week before we left. Coincidence?

Point to nothing in Sanur, Indonesia

Why a group trip?

This was actually a pretty easy choice for us. We wanted to be able to talk to other people and not be stuck with each other the whole time.

We were already with 7 and the group was around 18 people in total. There was one more family with kids, some couples and also a grandpa with grandson. The grandpa was from Indonesia and it was his first time back. I loved hearing this! He was so happy and emotional.

What did we do?

We had a very busy schedule. We went for 17 days to Java and bali. It was also a bit special, because we arrived in Jakarta on the first day of Christmas and also celebrated New Year’s here.

We started in Jakarta. Here we had a few days. We could explore the city and also had a walking tour with our guide.

After Jakarta, we visited the gardens of Bogor. They were so beautiful. This is the garden around the palace. It was pretty special for us, as our grandmother used to work in the palace. After the gardens, we went to Bandung.

Lily in Buitenzorg, Jakarta, Indonesia

We had one day in Bandung and then we went to Yogyakarta. This was with an incredible train ride. The views were great and I really liked the train itself. (You could turn the seats so you would face the windows!

From Yogyakarta, we visited the borobudur. This was beautiful, but really touristic. We were a touristic site ourselves. I think I took pictures with at least 80 locals. My brother in law had it even worse, as he is blond.

This were just the first couple of days. The full itinerary will come online, so I won’t tell everything twice.

What I learned in Indonesia

I was so surprised by what I saw when we landed. The first few hours opened my eyes already. So here are some things I learned in Indonesia.

You don’t need a lot

First of all, Jakarta. There were so many people in a small space. I could not imagine living like that. But the people looked happy. Even our guide told us that they (well, most of them) are happy.

It showed me that you don’t need a lot to be happy. After this trip, I actually started to appreciate everything more and learned that I did not need all the crap I had.

This was in more cities than just Jakarta. But I saw it the first time in Jakarta, so that is why I remember that one the most.


I am also really surprised with the driving skills. I would never, never drive there my own. But man, they have good control over their scooters and cars!

The record I saw, was 7 people on 1 scooter. 4 adults, 3 kids around 12 years old. I don’t even like to drive around on my scooter with one person extra. Can you imagine 6?

At every crossing, there would be at least 40 scooters on every side. As soon as the light went on green, it would be a sea of scooters.

5 people on one scooter, Indonesia
Most of the kids would not wear helmets. And if they did, they had Hello Kitty on them!

Sun and heat

Something personal, I learned that I had sun allergy and could not handle heat. I got sick and was not feeling well for the whole trip.

It is not good for you to in and out air conditioned areas. Never knew you could feel so horrible because of that. But actually, after this trip, I can now handle heat way better and I know how to treat my sun allergy. Now it does not bother me anymore.

So even something bad can bring something good!


I am also still surprised how beautiful it all was. The rice fields, the forests, waterfalls, but also friendly everyone was.

It really opened my eyes that there was more than rainy Holland and that I want to travel more. There is so much to see and do in the world that you should take the time to explore it.

This is just what I learned in Indonesia but traveling learned me so many things. It actually saved my life. Read how traveling saved my life.

In the rice fields, Indonesia

What did you learn on one of your trips?

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