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Malaga at the plaza de espana

* Here is my post about the first week in Spain!*

For the ones that followed my journey, thank you for your interest!

You will also know that I am in Benalmadena to study some Spanish and hopefully get a job here. My goal is to stay here and improve my Spanish until it is my third fluent language. I have been following lessons for 4 weeks now.

The School

I am studying at Colegio Maravillas in Benalmadena. The school is just so great. When I came here, I was afraid it was just going to be like high school. Some kids that want to learn and a lot of kids being there just to be there. 

But it is not! The class switches between 4 and 6 people and we all want to learn. This really gives new inspiration to do your best. We have different teachers in the morning and the afternoon. Because of this, we get different kinds of teaching technics. 

The location is also very nice. I have to go by bus, but there is a supermarket next to the school, a great small cafĂ© under the school (where I am already a regular. I don’t even have to order anymore!). We actually already have a few places for a drink after school. What do you want more next to a school?


Purple flowers

I went on an excursion organized by Colegio Maravillas. They were going to Sevilla and I can not say no to that. It was an amazing day and I spent the whole day speaking Spanish and German. Turns out, I still speak a little, little bit of German. But gladly, I understood most of it. This is why you have to visit Sevilla and what we did all day!

My Spanish

So, I came here to practice my Spanish and I have to say that it is going great! I finally got some confidence and started speaking it more easily. Even though I am not totally sure that it is correct. 

We did all the past tenses and the future already. I switch them up sometimes, but it is going better and better.  I actually bought a book in Spanish, Divergente or Divergent in English and I try to read a chapter a day. I actually get most of the story and enjoy it! 

Malaga at the plaza de espana

I have been writing some small text in Spanish and they are pretty correct. Of course, I still make some mistakes and have to translate words. But my vocabulary has to be a lot bigger to not need a dictionary. 

I am surprised by how much we are learning is such a small time and how the group is going forward. A great class, amazing and funny teachers and a beautiful language is the key to learning something new, it seems. 

Good choice?

My mom asked me yesterday ‘are you happy with the choice you made? no regrets?’. When I said ‘yes, I am happy and no I do not have regrets’ I felt a bit mean. I said it without thinking for a second. I am so happy to be here and I like it. No regrets and very excited to get a job here or in Lisbon. 

But I thought I was mean because I did leave my family and I said that I like it here more. Of course, I love my family and I miss them, but it was something I had to do. The choice was a good one and I am actually planning a trip home. My parents are going to visit me in two weeks and I can not wait to see them!

View from my balcony, Benalmadena

After school

I only go to school for 20 hours a week. So I have a lot of time until I find myself a job. My afternoons are full of writing, reading, and of course, binge watching. I am quite surprised, but I already read 10 books in these 4 weeks that I am here. 

My e-reader died last week, but I got a new one and started right again. Reading on your phone is not that ideal. I do miss my real books, but it is a bit difficult to take so many books with you. My Spanish book is a real book, so that is at least something. 

I spend so much time on writing, but I love it. Last year, I started writing a book, and I started again this week. It is going slow, but I like where it is going and it keeps me busy. 

We also do quite some drinks after school or go out at the weekends. I made some great friends here, even though I just met them. One of them ordered me to visit her in Berlin! So somewhere this year, I am going to Berlin. 

WithCaitlyn doing a drink after school

Do you want to know something more? Please let me know!

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