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What to visit in Ronda

Country: Spain
Currency: Euro
Time zone: Summertime UTC+2, Wintertime UTC+1
Language: Spanish
Best travel time: the whole year


I am not going to bore you with a lot of numbers and names you will not remember. Ronda is known for 2 sights with a history. Of course, there is more history than only these to sights, but then we will still be here in a week. 

Plaza de Toros de Ronda was built in 1785.  It is one of the oldest and most beautiful bullfighting arena to visit. 

Puente Nuevo, which translates to New Bridge, is the newest and largest bridge that connects the two parts of Ronda together. It is the third bridge across this gorge.

There is a chamber under the bridge that is used as a prison and even as a torture chamber in the civil war from 1936-1939. The bridge was built starting in 1759 and took 34 years to complete. 

The gorge from the bridge


Ronda is close by Malaga and is often visited by people staying at the Costa del Sol.  The city is split in two by a 120 meters deep gorge. This creates beautiful views and an amazing walk. There are a lot of shops in the new part of Ronda and cute and dreamy squares in the old part of Ronda.   


Puente Nuevo: 

This one is hard to miss, but you have to see it. The bridge itself is very nice, but the view is even better! Even if you are afraid of heights, please try and take a look!

On both sides of the bridge are different restaurants that are leaning over the gorge. Most of these restaurants have great views of the gorge and the bridge. So enjoy the view with sangria and a tapa!

You can also walk down the gorge and visit the old prison, where you can now find the history of the bridge.

Puente Nuevo in Ronda

Plaza de Torres:

You can also visit the Plaza de Torres and learn about bullfighting. There are not a lot of fights here anymore, but they made a small museum. You can see the places where the fighters stayed, the bull stables and of course the ring itself.

I am against animal abuse, but I was impressed by this. The building is so nice, but I will never go to watch a fight. 

It always surprises me how well they could build so many years ago. Look at the Plaza de Torres or the Puente Nuevo or even the Alcázar in Sevilla!


The water mine:

My grandma and I were walking until I saw a small sign of secret gardens. Me being me, we went in and were very surprised. We thought it was a very small, but nice garden. We were a bit sad that this was it.

It was 5 euros, so it was a bit disappointing. But right before we left, I saw a small sign. It said ‘Mine’ with an arrow the other way. So we went to take a look.

We went into the rock and took the stairs down. They did not come to an end! Now I know there are 231 steps carved into the rock. You end up at the bottom of the gorge. It was part of the fortress.

Under at the water mine in Ronda


Ronda is a beautiful city, which you must visit when you are in Andalusia. I was on a roundtrip with school two years ago and the only thing that I remember was Ronda.

This brought me back when I was working at the Costa del Sol last summer. I brought my grandma here and she loved it! If you are looking for a city you will always remember, visit Ronda!

Ronda is easy to reach from all over Andalusia. It does not matter if you are staying in Sevilla, Cordóba, the Costa del Sol or Malaga!

The view from Puente Nuevo in Ronda

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