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Why you should visit the Costa del SOl

Costa del Sol is the most southern costa from Spain. It is also one of the Costas that belong to Andalusia. It is one of those places you visit once and you always want to go back. Some tourists come here already 40 years, 2 months a year. Could you imagine?


The history spans over 2,800 years and I won’t bore you with the whole history. The first beaches were developed and opened at the beginning of the 20th century. 
The owner of one of the first hotels ‘Hotel Miramar’ in Marbella promoted his hotel and the city of Marbella. ‘Sunny Coast’ and ‘Côte du Soleil’ all translated back to Costa del Sol in Spanish.

The Spanish Civil War and World War II interrupted the tourist sector.
The 1950s were very important to the Costa del Sol. Torremolinos was loved by a lot of celebrities such as Grace Kelly, Marlon Brando, and Frank Sinatra. 
After Marbella and Torremolinos grew as Touristic places, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, and Mijas followed.

Beach at Benalmadena


There are a lot of cities with different things to offer. I, personally, like Benalmadena the best for the beach, but Málaga stays number 1. 


Málaga is probably the most known city. Here is the airport most people arrive from. The capital from the province Málaga. It is the sixth-largest city in Spain and one of the oldest cities from the world. Want to know what to do in Malaga? Find it here.


Torremolinos is very popular. A perfect place to relax, enjoy and do nothing. The center is very lifely, with a lot of street artist and restaurants. 
The boulevard is full of restaurants, shops and everything else you want on your holiday.

There is one neighborhood ‘La Carihuela’ that is very Dutch. You can even get dutch snacks here! (I would not like typical Dutch food if I am on holiday, but oh well) 
A lot of older retired couples stay here for a couple weeks to months in the winter because the weather is way better. 


My personal favorite. Benalmadena is not that big and all the hotels are along side the coast. You have Benalmadena Costa, the hotels and touristy places, and Benalmadena Pueblo, the real city part with locals. 

My favorite restaurants are located here, the beach is not that busy and there are not that many Dutch people here. (for me a huge plus!)

It is a different environment compared with Torremolinos just 3 kilometers away.  

Benalmadena Costa from the mountains


Fuengirola is a bit bigger. It is also a bit further from Malaga and it is very popular. They have a beautiful zoo, a big mall, and small beaches as well as a big one. 

This is also one of the places people can come for 40 years and still love it. It is very child-friendly and hosts the biggest market from the coastal towns. 

There is a square by the post office that offers a night of your life. Live music, food court and a lot of locals. Enjoy the holiday the Spanish way.


Marbella is the city is all started. You can find history, but also a boulevard here. An important part of Marbella is Puerto Banus. Some say it is a different city, but it is part of Marbella. 

In Puerto Banus, you can find the JetSet life. Stores from Gucci and Ralph Lauren, expensive restaurants and very nice cars and boats. I had my most expensive ice cream here. (€4,50 a scoop!) Think that says enough. 

Day trips

From all of these cities, it is possible to do some interesting day trips. 


I love Ronda. the views are amazing and even though it is close, a whole different world. Visit the famous Puente Nuevo or the bullfighting ring. I, personally, loved the hidden mine!

Puento Nuevo in Ronda, Spain


Granada is known for the Alhambra, just outside the city. Also, the city itself is worth visiting. 

Caminito del Rey:

I love this walk! It is a hike against the side of a gorge. Who wouldn’t want to walk 100 meters above the ground?


This is a hard one. You can visit it for a day from the Costa del Sol, but it is a 4-hour drive. It is worth it, but it is also a perfect destination for a weekend. 


A city full of history and I have eaten the best food I have ever eaten here. One of the more typical Spanish cities. 


Why would you just visit one country if you can also visit two? Gibraltar is just an hour and a half away and part of England. This is also the only place in Europe with wild monkeys!

Costa del Sol

There is so much to do and see at the Costa del Sol. From waterparks to a UNESCO list worthy fortress. There is something to do for everyone. 

It is busy and full of life in the summer and calm and peaceful during the winter. Come whenever you want, it will be beautiful. 

There are some cities people just fall in love with, and this is a whole coast that steals peoples hearts. I know a lot of people that moved here after just one visit and I may be one of them. 

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Why should you visit Costa del Sol

What is your favorite part of Spain?
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  • 31 January 2019

    I have some great memories from vacationing in the Costa Del Sol. In my childhood we would stay in Malaga. A few years back (well more than a decade back) I stayed with friends in Furengirola and we explore the whole area from there. I would add Mijas to the list of 1/2 day trip from the region. Lovely mountain village.

  • Wendy Overeinder

    3 February 2019

    I want to visit my daugther in Benalmadena. I am only there for three days. Where should I go? what attractions? restaurants?


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