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19 travel bloggers to follow

Last week I participated in a blogging challenge. 20 bloggers helping each other out and trying to post every day. I feel honored to get to meet these other bloggers. 

No matter how busy everyone is, we found the time to do this challenge and help each other grow.

Five Family Adventures

An amazing blog about family travel. They have visited so many destinations. Their children have been traveling since they were born and it only brings them together.  

A Stroll Around the World

Federica is from Rome but has lived in different parts of the world. She loves to learn something new, but do it at a slow pace. Looking for the sights that are not that touristy. 

Nina Out and About

Nina has already been to 29 countries and has had countless adventures. She takes cooking classes in Morocco, hot air ballooned in Turkey and much more!

A World in Reach

Who says you need to be rich to travel? Sydney shows that even a 22-year-old student can travel. You just have to want it. She writes all about traveling on a budget and I love it!

Travel Fun Fam

Charly and Michelle show how easy and fun it is to travel with their daughter Vi. Another great family travel blog!

Career Gappers

Alex and Lissa decided to quit their jobs and started to travel. They learn you everything you need to take a break from work and travel fulltime. 

Namaste, Solo Travel

Arunina thought it was bad that there were no blogs about solo travel from India, so she just started her own. She tells you the stories about traveling as a non-white, non-male, non-western, non-first world country wanderer. Discover how travel experiences can change by race, gender, and nationality. 

Why Not Ju

After a semester of studying in Budapest, Julie started to fall in love with travel. Working on a cruise ship and learning new languages is just a thing for here. Follow her on her great adventures

Sippin’ Gypsy

Travel the world sip for sip. From travels to the town close by or the other side of the world. Great experiences to read and find new places to visit!


Jayashree is a civil engineer and researcher from India. She loves experiences new things and in an original way. As long as it is ‘off the beaten path’ she likes to try it out.  

Digital Travel Guru

Already having been to 43 countries, Digital Travel Guru loves meeting the locals and to go ‘off the beaten path’ but Luxury travel is also included. 

The Travel Bunny

Find everything about affordable travel and great stories. Mirela also writes travel guides and reviews about her travels. So, hop onto your next adventure!

Diana’s Healthy Living

Follow Diana on her travels. It covers travel, food, and lifestyle, so you can combine everything in one! Find the best coffee on your holiday, because she is a coffee lover!

Flyaway Goddess

Diana love skating and tries to bring her skates around the world! If you like to travel that is all about feeling free, Diana is the one for you!

She Roams About

Melissa loves to travel and it does not matter with who. Friends, family or even solo. She loves to travel with her husband and son and learn about the world.

La Vida is Belle

Barbara and Edgard have been traveling for many years and still love it. Because of their jobs, they discover the world mostly on the weekends. So from short road trips to travels far away. La Vida is Bella is there for you.

Musings & Adventures

From New York to Holland. Musings & Adventures show you the culture in different ways. 


Traveling is great, but it can be hard if you are struggling with diseases. Glutenfree travel and foodies with allergies make it difficult, but they show it does not mean you can not travel! 

Travel Bloggers

I did not realize there were so many different kinds of travel bloggers. A few years ago I just thought it was someone who loves to travel and write. 

Starting my own blog and joining this challenge showed me that there are so many different people behind here. 

I want to thank them all to give me new inspiration and filling my bucket list with even more breathtaking destinations!

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19 travel bloggers to follow
travelbloggers to follow in 2019
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  • Sippin Gypsy

    10 February 2019

    I was so glad to be part of this challenge! It was awesome to get to know you and I look forward to collaborating together in the future!

  • alison

    11 February 2019

    That was indeed a challenge, next time I will read the directions before I sign up, LOL. Actually I’m glad I did with all of you and look forward to following you through your journey. Hope Spain es lo mejor!

  • 11 February 2019

    Thanks for the shout out! It’s been an amazing week- challenging for sure but I’ve loved reading everyone’s work and helping push each other to learn and grow!!

  • 11 February 2019

    Thanks for the shout out! It’s definitely been a challenge, but I’ve loved doing it 🙂 You guys all rock!

  • Arunima Dey | Namaste, Solo Travel!

    11 February 2019

    Aw, thanks for the blurb on me Caitlyn. I am glad to have read so many of your posts thanks to this challenge.

  • 11 February 2019

    It was a pleasure to participate in the challenge with you! Feel very fulfilled now and pleased to have got some content done that had been on the backburner for quite a while. Hopefully we’ll do another challenge again in the future.


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