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things to do in Krabi


After two weeks of traveling through Thailand, we arrived in Krabi. We had already seen elephants in Chiang Mai, celebrated Loy Krathong in Sukhothai and slept on top of a river and we even slept on the train. Now it was time to relax. 

I did not know what to expect from Krabi. You hear all the stories from Phuket and after the big cities like Chiang Mai and Bangkok, I had no idea. It was nice and quiet. Not too busy and beautiful.

I would not be able to be here longer than a week, as it is very small. But for a few days, it is totally fine and you can do some great things in Krabi. 

Well, the relaxing turned into doing way too many excursions. I also celebrated my birthday in Krabi and it was amazing! Here are some great things to do in Krabi, Thailand.

Koh Phi Phi tour

Koh Phi Phi is a well-known island close to Krabi. There are a lot of tours going here. We got picked up in front of the hotel and brought to a part of the beach. Here we had to sign a paper and wait for the rest of the group. Then we walked to the boats. 

It was different than expected. It was a speedboat and it was just a bit too crowded. But it was nice and fast and it brought us where we were supposed to go. 

Bamboo Island was the first stop. A beautiful beach where we had about 1 hour to swim. Then we had a snorkel stop.

I heard you could snorkel very well in Thailand and I agree. I was very intrigued by the Viking Cave. It looks so beautiful! After a second snorkel stop, we arrived at Koh Phi Phi. 

Koh Phi Phi was very nice, but it was a bit disappointing. It was way too busy and the beach was nothing special. Apparently, I had to walk a bit further to another beach, which was beautiful. We just had 1,5 hours on Koh Phi Phi and that was too short. 

Some people from the group went a whole day and liked it way better. 

If you want to see Koh Phi Phi, but also snorkel and see other islands, then this is a very nice tour. 

The beautiful view from the boat at krabi
The beautiful view from the boat
Bamboo Island close to krabi
Bamboo Island
Viking cave at krabi
Viking cave

Kontiki Snorkel and diving tour

One of the group was going to take a diving course and invited us to join. 3 people went for a discover diving trip and the rest joined to snorkel. We did this the day after the Koh Phi Phi tour and I had pretty low expectations.

But wow! The boat was amazing! It was a diving boat, so all the equipment was downstairs and there were seats and tables upstairs. I think we were with 30/35 people on the whole boat.  We got salty drinks to keep us hydrated, cola, Fanta, cupcakes, lunch, and water. 

The snorkel equipment was very good and the guidance was also very detailed and good. 

This is definitely a recommendation!

Boat tour in Krabi
Loving these views beach krabi


I wanted to go kayaking in Chiang Mai, but no one wanted to join me. So when I asked in Krabi and some guys wanted to join, I was excited. Let’s go kayaking!

We got picked up with a pickup and drove about 30 minutes. Here we got some explanations and waterproof packs.

We made a trip of about 2 hours and it was breathtaking. We went through the crocodile cave, a mangrove, and a gorge.

It was so quiet if you do not count our laughs, and the nature is beautiful.  We also went to Monkey beach. See if you can spot John, the monkey. They gave him a name because the monkey sits there every day.

The guy which who I shared the kayak with, thought it would be funny to throw water over me, so we started a water fight. It was an amazing morning and a wonderful start of my birthday.

the mangrove kayaking krabi
The mangrove
kayaking krabi
This view!
Close to the crocodile cave kayaking krabi
Close to the crocodile cave
Monkey beach kayaking krabi
Monkey beach view from monkey beach
Spot John the monkey! Kayakking Krabi
Spot John the monkey!

Ao Nang Center Point

If you are looking to party, you have to be here. We ate a lot of times here with a beautiful view and went for drinks even more often. This is also where I celebrated my birthday and had the most amazing night! 

There are different kinds of bars. Some even had games laying, so you could play Jenga and 4 on a row while drinking. 

So for drinking, partying and getting crazy, this is the place to be. 

Night market

After visiting Chiang Mai, the night markets were a bit disappointing. It was way smaller and the prices are way higher.  We saw fire dancers and still had a nice time. 

But is you are looking for souvenirs, buy them in Bangkok or Chiang Mai

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Things to do in Krabi5 things to do in Krabi


After these busy, but nice days we went back to the night train and to Bangkok. My time in Thailand was over.
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