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the next step in Spain

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It has been 6 weeks since I left Holland and went to Spain to study Spanish. And I can tell you, I did not know I can grow so much in a short time. 

Going out

So I did not like going out or for a drink. But now I have some great friends and we actually have fun. We went out a few times, go for a beer or dinner. 

Sometimes it is actually fun to get out of the house and do something. I was used to being home if I was not at school and I have to say. This is way better. 

Funny story

So my first trip alone was to London, two years ago. On the bus trip back to the airport, I lost my bag with my wallet and everything. I just had my phone and passport. (Good thing I had my passport in my pocket and not in my bag!)

As I was going home within a few hours, it was not a big problem. I called my sister, who was picking me up to tell where I would meet them, as my phone was dying. 

Now I am in Spain alone and we went out for the night. A friend was leaving, so he had to go out with a bang. After the bar, we went to the apartment of a friend to get some stuff and took a taxi to my place. When we got to my place, I lost my bag. 

I still had my phone, as I was the one ordering the UBER. Two days later, the bag was at the reception of the apartment building with everything in there. So it was all fine, but still! 

My brother actually just laughed and said I should not travel alone anymore because I would lose my wallet every time. (Happened 2 times, not every time… just saving my own ass here)


My parents visited me for the weekend and it was so nice to see them again. I always act that I do not miss home and my family, but when you see them again, you notice that you do miss them. 

They came to school and met my class. Then we went for lunch, a nice walk and of course dinner. We also visited an apartment.

We visited Malaga and ended up renting the apartment also on Friday. Normally, the Puerto Marina in Benalmadena is very busy, but when we went for dinner, it was empty. 

On Saturday, we went up with the cable car in Benalmadena for an amazing view. We also visited Benalmadena Pueblo, the nice white part of the city. 

I actually thought it was funny, my parents came and the weather was bad. Well, there could have been more sun, but the weather was alright. 

They also brought me some Dutch cheese and now I am happy again!

The apartment

So, I decided two weeks ago that I want to stay here in Benalmadena and improve my Spanish even more. I spend hours looking for a nice apartment and called different apartments. Man, it is hard to find something here!

A girl from my class was also looking for an apartment, so we joked about finding a great apartment together. But then we found a great apartment, so we just called the agency. 

And guess who is moving next week to her own apartment?

Now it is official, I am staying in Benalmadena and I am loving it, even though I can not really believe it yet. 

The next step

So all I have to do now is get a job, learn the language and a very long list of things that have to be done. It will be a great time and I like that I will really learn the culture here. 

I love celebrating holidays in other countries and now I can make it happen!

Let me know if you want to hear anything more!

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