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meeting the group

Finally, it was the day. The day I was leaving for Thailand with a singles group trip. After a long day of waiting and triple checking, if I had everything, we were going to the airport. I was super nervous to meet the group and as always, as we were in the car, kept thinking I forgot stuff.

The group decided to meet in front of the check-in desk. I saw them as soon as I was close. Already laughing and thinking it was going to be fine, I walked to the group. And let’s just say. The group is very fun and nice!

After that burden left my shoulders, I was ready to go. The check-in with Etihad was really fast and easy.

We decided to go for some food before the plane left and split up. Some went for Jamie’s food court and the others for McDonald’s.

The garden at Wat Kanlaya
The garden at Wat Kanlaya

 The flight

Flying with Etihad is recommended. The food was okay (and I can be very difficult with plane food) enough space and okay service. We went to Abu Dhabi and then to Bangkok. The first part was very relaxed as the plane was only half full. I am always fan from the entertainment centers on board.

There were a lot of newer and older movies to watch and enough choice. This is something that can really make your flight easier and faster!

view from the boat in Bangkok
View from the boat


We met our guide at the airport and went to the hotel. The first evening was simple. The guide told us something about Bangkok and what the planning was. We could also book some tours with him during this trip.

After the meeting, we went for some food and then to bed. We’ve had a long day, so it was quite necessary. 

The next day we had a free morning, which mostly existed of sleeping and eating, and the afternoon existed of a bicycle tour. As we are a Dutch group, of course, we were going cycling.

The Buddha at Wat Kanlaya
The Buddha at Wat Kanlaya

Biking tour

We went with a company called Co van Kessel. This tour was amazing and I am so happy I went! We went through Chinatown, went to a temple, had a boat trip through the canals. The 3 guides we had for the tour were also very nice and told you everything you wanted to know. Please take the time to do this tour! You can find the full review here.

We were back from the tour around 18 and after a quick shower, we went to a mall. I love going to food courts on holiday because the locals are also there. A lot of the group did not like it, but my food was good and I loved the atmosphere.

I cut the evening short and went to bed early. Still tired from the trip here.

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Next on the program is to visit the bridge over the river Kwai and staying at a floating hotel
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