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kind of traveler are you

There are so many kinds of travelers. Find out what kind of traveler and dare your friends to take it too!

Kind of travelers

What kind of traveler are you? There are different kinds and it is possible you are a mix of a few!


You go on holiday to enjoy and escape your life. They can find you on the beach from morning until sundown. Your Instagram is full of pretty pictures of you, the beach and the great cocktails you drink!


You travel to do something new and just see the world. Traveling is a chance to do something you would not do at home.

You are the one that swims with sharks, sleeps in the woods and even try skydiving!

You heard a lot of ‘Wow, did you really do that???’ in your life and you’re planning to get a lot more!


Traveling gives you a chance to explore new places and go off the beaten path. You go a bit further than the touristic places and try to do what locals do and eat where the locals eat.

Discovering what every place has to offer is the best thing during your travels and meeting some locals is just amazing!


You love eating and food is one of the bigger things you look at if you are traveling. Eating where and what the locals eat and if it is possible, also taking a cooking course.

Will you discover the real Italian pizza, Japanese Sushi, Indonesian Satay or something else?

P.s. Have you tried these typical Dutch snacks yet?

Just remember, there is more to a country than food.


Planning is something that you really like and planning your holiday is even better! You plan the trip to the second and this gives you an amazing experience.

You know where to go, where not to go and what to see.

But just remember to schedule some time for the unknown!

Culture fan

You love to learn about the culture and visit sights. The reason you travel is to learn about the world and people.
It is a plus if you learn the language, but you do your best.

The temples, locals, cathedrals and more are happy to see you!

What kind of traveler are you? Let me know!

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find out what kind of traveler you are
what kind of traveler are you
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  • 18 April 2019

    Pretty accurate! Thanks for sharing ?

  • 19 May 2019

    The quiz was kind of fun and confirmed that I am an explorer. I thought about this a lot when I was downsizing and planning to move into my travel trailer. I had to decide what kind of traveler I was and where I wanted to go: tourist places or lesser known places, RV parks or campgrounds, etc.


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