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So I booked the trip to Thailand, but then? So I read and read. Stories about Thailand, stories from backpackers and the day to day planning from the trip. 

We are going on the night train and I am so excited about that. But then I looked at the Practical part of the information. They recommend a soft suitcase or bag for this. I only have big suitcases or hard ones, so I went looking for a Backpack. I already wanted one, so why not now?

Choosing a backpack

I had no idea what kind of backpack I needed. There are so many different sizes and brands and prices… I went to an outdoor store and just tried them on, together with an employee and my mom.

We found a nice one but realized that it was almost my birthday. So I went home with empty hands. A week later my mom tells me I can buy a backpack and that I will get it for my birthday. 

We went to another outdoor store and I tried 6 or 7 backpacks. The one I have now was the best, so that is how I got my backpack
I also bought some packing cubes, so packing will be easier.

But then…

So now I have the backpack, but I never traveled with it before. So last weekend I already packed my back. I realized I can fit way more in there then I thought and I have plenty of space. I found out what I missed, bought it and next weekend I will pack my bag again. 
This way I will get to know the backpack and can I actually find all my stuff in Thailand. 

Group app

I logged in on the website and I saw someone had posted a message to the other travelers. They made a group app on WhatsApp. I joined the group and now we are talking about the trip, why everyone goes etc. We also are going to meet at Schiphol Airport instead of Bangkok. This way we won’t find out that you have been sitting next to another traveler from the group for 16 hours when we arrive, but know that beforehand. 

4 more days to go!

*Check out how the meeting went!*

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