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Malaga Bike Tours

Malaga is an up and coming destination. It is so alive, the weather is (almost always) amazing, the people are nice and well, there is a reason I decided to move here.


A lot of people come to Malaga for a city trip, they walk around the center, read the folders and signs and enjoy. But do you know there is a nice active way to discover Malaga in a different way?


Malaga Bike Tours By Kay Farrell organizes biketours through the city. They have different tours and you can book every day.

So if you want to see Malaga on a different way, keep on reading!

Plaza la Merced with the Malaga Bike Tours

Malaga Bike Tours by Kay Farrell

Malaga Bike Tours started in 2008. Kay moved to Malaga a few years before this and tried a bike tour in Barcelona. She loved it and decided to start her own right here in Malaga.

Eventually, there were 3 tours created. A city tour, A tapas city tour and the Alternative tour. So there is something for everyone. And the good thing? Everyone can join!

Malaga City Tour

The city tour is the most common tour. You can book this 2 times a day. Either from 10:00 to 13:00 or from 15:00 to 18:00 (in summer 16:00-19:00)

The tour is about 3 hours and you will see so much more then a walking tour!

With a walking tour, you only visit the historical center and I personally think that the sights outside the center are the parts you want to get to know.

This tour is about 12 kilometres, but as you cycle this in 3 hours with a lot of stops, it is possible for everyone.

You start in the historical center, visit the market, cycle through the park, go to the bullring and ride along the beach to the harbor.

The afternoon tours is a bit differernt then the morning tour. In the afternoon you even visit Pedregalejo, a small fisher neighborhood. In the morning, you have some time to visit the market and try some of the local food they sell.

The guides are Dutch or Spanish and the tours are available in Dutch, English and Spanish. They all live in Malaga and know the best places to go.

View Looking point Gualdalhorce - Malaga Bike Tours

Malaga Tapas Tour

They also offer a Tapas Tour. This one is very similer to the city tour, but guess what? You eat some tapas!

Halfway the tour, you stop at a great restaurant and everyone can choose 2 tapa and a drink. Enjoy the Spanish food, talk to the other people and enjoy.

Then get back on the bike and finish the tour!


Alternative Bike Tour

So this one is a bit different. If you come for the second or even third time to Malaga, you probably already know the city center. So why not discover a new part of Malaga?

With the alternative bike tour you cycle through the old industrial area, visit the nature park Guadalhorce and visit the creative neighbourhood of Malaga, SOHO.

And a little surprise: It is possible to see flamingos in Guadalhorce!

Malaga Bike Tours with kids

The Malaga City tour is really good with kids. The shop has bikes in all sizes and also childseats.

All the guides try to make the tour as interactive as possible with questions, talking and making it fun.

At the end of the tour, at the last stop, there is a fun quiz about the whole tour which most kids love!

So even with kids it would be an amazing experience to do in Malaga!

Malaga Bike Tours

So I have been on all the tours. And I will be totally honest with you. At this moment, I am one of the guides for the city tour!

But even if I was not, A bike tour is a great way to see the city. Most people do it on their first day, so then they get all the tips for the rest of the holiday. Because at the end of every tour, you will get a folder with tips for the best tapas, paella, churros and more!

So, if you are planning to go to Malaga, why not join one of the bike tours?

For more information, check out the website of Malaga Bike Tours

A sightseeing Cat giving a Malaga City Bike Tour

Want to know what else to do when you are in Malaga?

Walk the Caminito del Rey, visit Seville, or check out this list with other things to do in Andalucia!

spot flamingos with the Alternative bike tour Malaga
Visit Malaga with a Bike tour
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