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learning spanish in spain

Arriving in Spain

I am finally in Benalmadena to start learning Spanish. If it was up to me, I was here way sooner, but I had already booked my Thailand trip. So I enjoyed the trip first. (find all the stories here

On January 1st, I noticed I was actually more nervous than I thought I was. I was going to leave on January 6st, and I barely slept the whole week. Now it is up to me to make this my year and start this adventure.

I had to leave for the airport around 5 a.m. My parents were not that happy, but they promised to bring me. After the Check-in, I finally calmed down a bit and knew it was going to be okay. 

That was until I started to recognize Malaga, Benalmadena, and Torremolinos in the plane. Was I making the right decision? Going back to school? Moving in with a friend I met last summer? We shall see. 

Malaga from the plane

He was picking me up at the train station and all the worries were gone. It is going to be okay. The apartment is very nice and I see myself living here a while. If everything works out, I am going to find my own apartment. But this is after I find a job here and decide to stay. 

As January 7th is a holiday in Spain, my classes will start the 8th. Tuesday I will meet the class and have the first lessons.  

The first day of school

After a nice day of doing nothing and sleeping in, it was time to go to school. I have not been this nervous for a long time. 

My friend went with me, even though his classes started 2 hours later, so he could show me the way. It is about 30 minutes to go to school, so that is fine. 

I got my book and I was brought to the right classroom. When I sat down, I had to introduce myself. That was fine. I can do that. 

The teacher only speaks Spanish, alright you can ask a word in English and he will translate for you, but still. He asked a question and I had to answer, but I did not understand the question. This happens a couple of times.  But I am sure it will be better the coming days and weeks. 

Classroom at Maravillas

At 11 o’clock it was time for the break, I talked a bit with my classmates and discovered they were already studying here from September, no wonder it sounded so easy when they talked. 

The second class was mostly just talking. Answering questions about the holidays and what we did when we were young. We had learned one of the past senses, so we had to use them. 

I really like that it is only in Spanish, this way I have to speak and learn it. But I felt a bit thrown in the deep. So let’s study also at home and learn some Spanish!

The second day of school

Today I went to school on my own and I could actually find the bus stop in the maze I am living in. So that was a good start. When I arrived at the class, there was only one other classmate. 


Maravillas count lessons for one or two persons as private, so we had a private lesson today. I did not mind this at all. The other classmate also started this week, so it was a nice time to catch up and practice. 

The first hour was again about grammar. Because we were just the two of us, we could ask all the question we had and take the time for it. Tomorrow we will repeat it again, so the other also get the repeated lesson. 

The second hour was talking, talking and guess what? more talking. I noticed that I already started talking easier than the day before. So studying my verbs for an hour at night actually helped. Good to know. 

It is already clear to me that I will be okay in this class. I am now in the class level A2. If I study hard enough maybe I can move up a class in a few weeks, I hope. 

Entrance Maravillas

The rest of the week

So I won’t bore you with what we did the other to days of school. But I am so happy I came here and took this step. It is a very big deal for me. The class is very nice. Some are here for 2 more weeks and some are here just as long as I will be. 

After just 4 days of lessons, I already notice that I am more confident about talking Spanish and that I now more words than a week ago. I can not imagine how this will be after 9 weeks of classes. 

Canteen Maravillas

Colegio Maravillas

Colegio Maravillas is one of the best Spanish language schools. They have over more than 40 years of experience. The teachers are all native instructors and qualified DELE Certified Examiners. 

The school has over 20 classrooms, a cafeteria, air conditioning, a library, and free WIFI. They also offer excursions, presentations, and housing for students. 

You can find more information about Maravillas on their website

Notification board at Maravillas 

What was a big step in your life through traveling?

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    Klinkt geweldig. Veel plezier en succes.

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    28 January 2019

    I like reading your blogs.


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