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Floating away in Kanchanaburi

After one and a half day in Bangkok, we took 3 vans to the floating market. I discovered that Bangkok is gigantic. It took us almost two hours going west and we were still in Bangkok.

Floating market

The floating market was fun. Not what I expected, but fun. There was one long canal with small boats, selling food and souvenirs. Around the canal were also a lot of stalls.

We did not have long enough to make a boat tour over the market, so we walked. I thought it was very brave to have big pans with hot oil on a small boat like that. With cooking and wobbling included!

After an hour or so, we went back to the vans and started hour trip to the famous Bridge over the River Kwai.

Bridge over the River Kwai

Maybe you have only heard of it, watched the movie or never heard of the bridge at all. I only knew the name and that is was an important piece of history. So I was very excited, read interested, to go.

We started at the museum. I was not allowed to take pictures, but I have to say that that was not even on my mind.

Tens of thousands people lost their lives building this bridge and you saw the story of how this happened. They reconstructed a part of the train, showed the tools they had to work with, but also have letters and objects from survivors.

I do not get quite easy, believe me, I can sometimes not shut up, but I could not even finish reading the letters and information due to the tears in my eyes.

This meant so much to me, to be given the chance to read their stories and live how we are living now. The offers they all had to make and where it brought us.


Around the museum are several cemeteries. I visited the cemetery where the English, Dutch and American lay rested. This was beautiful and painful at the same time. These people will never be buried with their family, but are recognized and have a personal grave.

With the tears still in my eyes, we left for the bridge. The bridge itself is not so spectacular. The story behind it is. You can walk over the bridge.

Even if you hate history or cannot stand sad stories. I recommend you to visit these things. It is so interesting and gives you another view of how it was. It takes half a day and it is worth it.

Floating hotel

After the bridge, we went to our hotel. I was really excited about this. We were going to stay at a floating hotel, where you had to go to with a boat and there was no electricity.

When we came there, I was very disappointed. We had another hotel. It was on the river, but it was not what was promised. There was electricity, even Wi-Fi, no hang mats, oil lamps and we could not swim in the river, but in a homemade pool.

You could hear the water flowing under your bed and I swear sometimes I heard crickets.

We made it a nice night and the morning view was amazing! It could have been worse, but it also could have been so much better.

Erawan waterfalls

The next morning we went to the Erawan waterfalls. It was beautiful. There were 7 levels where you could swim. The first 3 were easy to reach. Level 4 and 5 are still doable for everyone and level 6 and 7 are very hard and climbing.

I went to level 5 and took a dive. It was breathtaking. There was almost nobody there and it was very quiet. The water was nice and cold after the climb.

There are these little, and bigger, fish that bite you. You know, the ones that you can actually pay for to remove dead skin of your hand and feet. Here you can do it for free!

After lunch, we went to the hotel.


In Kanchanaburi, we stayed in a resort. The whole group wanted to stay longer. We had dinner on the river with candlelight. This was a very nice and relaxing night, even when everyone went for the cocktails and the Never have I ever and Truth or Dare. It was time to get to know the group.

The next day we went to Sukhothai and celebrated Loy Krathong.

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