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How to pack like a pro!

Packing. Probably the worst thing from your trip after unpacking. (I think that is even worse, can take me a full week!) With these tips, you can pack like a pro, in no time and bring even more stuff!

I always hear stories about people that take hours or sometimes days to pack their bags. I can tell you, it takes me less than an hour. But alright, I always forget something. But this something is always not a problem. You know, toothpaste, sunscreen, a spectacle case. So this is not a problem because I don’t NEED them or I can buy it there.

I made an easy packing list, so you won’t forget these things and most importantly, the important things like your sunglasses, wallet, and all the other stuff. So start packing like a pro now!


It doesn’t matter if you travel with a backpack or a suitcase, packing cubes are amazing. They keep your clothes organized. I have three packing sacks. They are almost the same, but you can take all the air out, which gives more space in your suitcase and they are waterproof! I took one with me when I went kayaking.

You have them in different sizes. I use three. 6 liters for my underwear, 12 liters for my shirts and 20 liters for my pants and dresses. For me, this is more than enough. They are also different colors, so I can get the right one easy.

Because you can get them close to vacuum, you can put more in then you would normally do. You also know which one to get because you know the colors. So if I need a shirt, I get my green one. When I want to get a dress, I get my blue one.

I also want one for my laundry but haven’t bought it yet. Because this is also easy to separate clean and dirty clothes.

  • Use packing cubes
  • Take clothes that you can mix and match. More outfits, less luggage!
  • Take a sarong or another large scarf with you (temples etc)
  • It is possible to wash a shirt under the shower if you don’t have time to wash it properly.
  • You don’t NEED that many clothes, you can wear the same outfit twice
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It will save space and it won’t wrinkle that much

Cosmetics and Toiletries

First of all, you don’t need all that makeup. Leave it at home, just take what you use daily. You will go swimming and everything, so foundation and stuff are useless.

I know a lot of girls think they need it, you don’t. I personally only wear makeup when I go out, which is not a lot. But I want to have something with me for when we go out. So I bring mascara and lipstick. I believe this is enough.

It is also not necessary to bring your big discount shampoo. I always bring a travel sized kit that I fill with my own stuff. That is enough and if you need more, steal it from hotels or buy some there. The same for body lotion, conditioner, and shower gel. But also for hairspray, mouse and contact fluid. They also sell it wherever you are going. So if you are gone for a few months, don’t take for a few months!

  • Bring travel sized toiletries
  • Don’t bring all your makeup – look what is necessary and what not.
  • Steal as much as you can from hotels (you did not hear this from me!)


I know the problem. I love my laptop and I can take it with me anywhere. However, I try not to. Because if I do that, my suitcase of backpack will be full in no time. So I don’t bring it on trips shorter than 4 weeks. I will bring it if I go somewhere for longer, mostly because I have to work, watch my series and have a bit more ‘me time’ instead of only being a tourist.

I take beautiful pictures with my phone (you wouldn’t think, would you?), So I actually never brought a camera. But now I am getting more serious, so I will take it with me next time.

The best tip with electronics is to only take what you really are going to use a lot. Will you use that Nintendo, e-reader, laptop? But also a hair straightener or curling iron?

  • Bring a power bank – you never know when you need it
  • Bring earphones or headphones. (Bluetooth ones cannot be connected to the entertainment system of the plane)
  • Check if you need an adapter
  • Bring an extension cord – one adapter and more chargers. And sometimes the sockets are not located on a good spot.

Check out my favorite gadgets to see what I love to use!

Other stuff

You might think you need a lot of stuff. When I started traveling, I noticed that I don’t need so much. You have to do it with the stuff you have and otherwise, well, too bad.

Do you know those amazing big towels for the beach? They are so nice and you have less chance of laying on the sand. But you also know that they are so big in your suitcase and heavy. I am crazy about these old Volkswagen buses and I found a beach towel with them. It is a children-sized beach towel and I don’t care!

Yes it is small, but it also fits in a small beach bag, is not heavy and when I pack my suitcase it actually fits in one of my shoes! So it only saves space. And come on, you are going to the beach, you will have to touch sand. It is just a plus that the buses are on there, but not the only reason I use it.

I have to confess something. I have about 25 bags at home. From backpacks to handbags, all of them. I love them all, but it does not fit. So I always travel with 4 bags in total. My backpack (normal luggage), A day backpack (carry-on for the plane), a black or cork handbag and a cotton bag for the beach.

The backpack stays in the hotel, the day backpack goes with me if I go away for the day, to the city or anything. Then I have my handbag. That one always goes with me. It is a cross shoulder bag. Just because I want to be safe while traveling. The backpack has a thin sweater, water, camera, and everything, while my handbag has my wallet and phone.

If I only go out for dinner, I just bring my handbag. If I go to the beach or shopping, I bring my cotton bag. This way I have a bag or every occasion. I also make sure it is a neutral color, so it will fit with every outfit. No need for a pink, blue, purple and black bag.

The same for shoes. I love shoes and I have way too many pairs. But I bring one pair of sneakers, one pair of sandals, one pair of slippers and if I go hiking or plan to go out a lot, also a pair of heels or my hiking shoes. But the first three should be enough. Most of my shoes are black, grey or white, so again they go with everything.

  • Bring a smaller beach towel
  • Bring a microfiber towel (you can also use it as beach towel) They might not be so pretty, but they are useful!
  • Bring a neutral colored bag, you only need 1!
  • Think about your shoes and only take the ones you are going to use!

How to pack like a pro

With these tips, you will pack like a pro. It is so easy, but you need to prioritize what you really need and what you want. I think it is important to save my money for excursions and not spend it on luggage.

Decide what you really need to survive and what you can buy there. Some countries don’t have everything you use. In Thailand it is hard to find these little wet refreshing washing cloths, so I took them from home. I also made sure I always had something like toilet paper with me.

To know this, you have to prepare for the countries you are going to. Do they have normal toilets? Will I travel by a night train? Do I have a location with time for laundry? If you prepare questions like this, you will pack like a pro. It is not actually that hard.

What is your best packing tip?

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Pack like a pro
how to pack like a pro
pack like a pro
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