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How to find your perfect holiday destination
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Research is everything. It makes sure your travels will be beautiful and fun and that you know what to see and what to avoid.

Some things might be different than what you thought, more difficult to book, nicer than you think. You never know.

With doing some research, you can book your holiday for a lower price, discover new and undiscovered places and maybe find a new hidden gem!

Here are a few tips to find your perfect holiday destination!

Search for everything

I love this thing of Skyscanner. Skyscanner has an ‘everywhere’ function. It is very easy.

  • Select a date
  • Select the place you are traveling from
  • Click ‘search’

You will get a list with all the locations of that date. The cheapest on top.

Why would you choose a destination first and then find out that the tickets are way too expensive if you can choose a destination at a lower price than you would have expected?

This way you will find a great destination that you might never think of on your own. And it might be really cheap. Do this with a few different departure days and then research the top locations.

World map with pins

Think outside the box

Everyone wants to go to London, Bali, Thailand, and Mexico. But there is so much more to see! The places that are not that touristic are just as lovely, if not more beautiful, and a lot cheaper!

Go to Ireland, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Lebanon and countries like them!

You will not only see a new country but also create stories not everyone has. There are so many stories like ‘And then we saw the Hollywood sign’ or ‘The Eifel tower was so nice!’. Do you want to join those or make a story only you lived?

Friends and Family

Use your social circle to find new places to go or attractions to visit. Ask their recommendations, why they liked or didn’t like it and make a decision on it.

Maybe it won’t give you any new inspiration. I always get destinations I don’t want to go to or I where I have already been. But you never know.

They might also be able to tell you how many days you need where. It is always easier to hear it from somebody and change it to your own need than having to figure out everything yourself and then not being able to do everything you wanted.

Facebook groups

There are also a lot of Facebook groups for travelers. I am in one group that is called ‘Backpackers NL.’ This one is in Dutch, but I am sure you can also find them in English or your own language.

Ask for tips by people that have been there or maybe even lived there. There are so many people with tips and tricks, so don’t be afraid to use them.

There are also groups where you can look for travel buddies. Maybe you don’t want to travel alone yet or want to have a drink with some other travelers.

For travel buddies, you also have other groups. Just look for ‘travelers in …’

Alone or together

You must decide if you want to travel together or on your own.

If you travel alone, you have more freedom, but it might get lonely if you are not good at meeting new people.

Hostels will be cheap, but hotels can be more expensive as they are for 2 persons.

Traveling together can be really nice. Hotels are cheaper, but you are ‘stuck’ to that person. You can’t decide everything alone. It can be nicer as you will always have some companies and someone to talk to. And someone to take amazing Instagram pictures.

Both options have good and less good points. So, you have to decide what you want.

map, camera and money

Rules and traditions

Every country has other laws and customs. So, when you know where you are going, research a bit about the rules.

In Thailand, it is rude to point your feet to the Buddha. Always sit in a way that your feet are pointing to the back.

In Venezuela, it is rude to arrive early or even on time for an appointment. It is better to arrive about 10 to 15 minutes late.

In Egypt, it is insulting to put salt on your food. This means that the taste is not good, and you are insulting the chef.

There are a lot of things like these. Also, make sure that you have the appropriate clothes for temples and other important buildings.


Every country has other norms for tipping. Restaurants, hotels, drivers, and guides all get tips in a lot of countries. So make sure you know what the standards are. Sometimes it is around 5% and sometimes approximately 20%.

Visa or no Visa

It is essential to check way before you go if you need a visa. Especially if you want a work visa. This can take a while. Sometimes it will take a day, but it can take up to a month or so. So, make sure you check it, well before you are leaving.

For Europeans, you won’t need visas for a lot of countries if you are going for less than a month. Just make sure to check it before you go!

road trip with map

Read some blogs

There are a lot of travelers that share their experiences and tips on countries. So check out some blogs for stories about your destination. Instead of only reading travel sites that try to sell you something.

*Here is a list of my favorite travel blogs*

Your perfect holiday destination

So here you are, with these tips you will be able to find the next perfect holiday destination.

If it is a beach holiday, a city trip or a backpacking trip, it does not matter! As long as it is the perfect destination for you!

*Do you already know what kind of traveler you are? Do the quiz!*

How do you decide your next trip?

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