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25 of the best travel tips by travelers

What if you want to travel, but you just don’t know where to start? I know that feeling. Which country, solo or not, organized or not. There are so many things you can choose while traveling.

I absolutely love travel and I learned a lot. About travel but also about myself. I asked for the best travel tips from travelers and combined them all here for you.

Use these tips and make the most of your travel!

Planning the trip

Plan ahead. One of the most expensive things out there is flights, and if you get cheap tickets it makes a huge difference. Try to book at least a month ahead and follow the prices in order to know when it’s best to buy them. – VidadeViajes

Plan ahead, so you have an idea of what you want to do and see. But … leave plenty of room to be flexible, instead of sticking with a rigid schedule. You may happen upon something unexpected that ends up being the highlight of your trip – Valerie Mitchell

Plan your travels in such a way that you head north when most people are headed south. In short travel to places during the off-season. This has many benefits. In terms of financial benefits, you are sure to get better deals on almost everything, from air tickets to Hotel accommodation and activities. The bonus is you will have a better experience as the places you visit would have lesser crowds than usual. And of course, you get to see a different avatar of the place. – Sandy N Vyjay

Plan ahead, but don’t over plan. It’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with your chosen destination before you visit. Identify the main places you want to see, the key things you want to do, the restaurants where you want to eat, etc. But don’t plan everything to the finest detail. Leave a contingency in your schedule for the unexpected. Part of the joy of travel is discovering things “on the ground” – and the unplanned experiences often turn out to be the best and most memorable. – A Luxury Travel Blog

Most of the tips above already say it, Plan ahead but not all of it. The best things will happen in the unknown. But some excursions and tickets you really have to buy in advance. So do your research about what is possible and what you have to book.


Save in accommodation. Couchsurfing is a life saver. You don’t only have a place to stay for free, but you also get to know amazing people who can usually show you around, have fun and get to know the best places only locals know. – VidadeViajes

Airbnbs are great options for its affordability, convenience, and uniqueness. But, if you decide to book an Airbnb, do this one thing before arrival. ALWAYS get the details of how to enter, access, or retrieve the key to where you’re staying. It will save you from any stress, frustration, and fear that your host have left you stranded. I know what that feels like. –
Adriana Smith

Personally, I love Airbnb and They give the possibility to stay in an apartment or a nice bed and breakfast instead of the big hotels. Most of them will have better locations, price-quality proportion or are closer to public transportation.

I also try to stay at friends and family whenever I can. This is free or very cheap and they can show you the place. If you travel a lot, you will get to know people. Invite them to show you your country and they can do the same! Cheap holiday anyone?


Walk a lot and use public transportation. Taxis end up being quite expensive in most countries, and they can generally be avoided. People don’t really know but it’s generally what makes the budget surpass expectations. – VidadeViajes

Try the night trains. It is not as fast as flying in Asia, for example, but it is an experience. Find my tips in surviving the night train in Thailand or just try it out yourself.

Be prepared for long haul flights. They can be exhausting, but they are part of the traveling. With these tips for long haul flights, you might start to like flying?


Try to cook. Yeah, I know when you’re traveling trying local foods is a must, but you don’t really need to eat out every single chance you get. Cooking will save you a ton of money in the long term and is totally worth it. – VidadeViajes

Eat in the restaurants just outside the center. You know those big streets with a lot of restaurants? Don’t go there. Just walk one or two streets further and then you will eat where the locals eat. Most of the time the quality is better and the prices are lower. And the dishes are not changed for the tourists.

Get some groceries. Most apartments or hotels have at least a minibar. It is so much cheaper to buy some water and sodas and enjoy them at home. Just so you can refresh when you change or pick something up in your accommodation. This saves a lot of time and money.
It is also nice to have some basics in there for breakfast. This way you won’t eat a bigger breakfast than you normally do and it is way cheaper. Just buy some bread and cheese or whatever you like.

Backpacks & Luggage

Travel light. We travel with 45-liter backpacks only. This means we don’t pay for luggage on flights, and we don’t have space to buy souvenirs, clothes, and stuff. You can save a ton of money and is much better for your back as well if you travel light with a backpack. – VidadeViajes

You can actually wash your clothes on your travel. Some t shirts I will take with me under the shower and if I have some more time, I will bring it to a laundromat. This way you don’t have to take a lot of clothes and you will pay less for your luggage.

You don’t need a lot of shoes. At home i have more than 20 pairs of shoes. When I am traveling, I have 3 pairs. Some slippers for the beach, Sandals for nights out and easy days and sneakers for the hikes and longer walks. You don’t need more. Shoes just take in space and are pretty heavy in comparison with clothes. I rather have an extra outfit than shoes I might not use.

I always bring travel sized shampoo and stuff. Most hotels offer shampoo and soap, so I use those. But I will have my own for when I am staying in a place where we don’t have free stuff.

Decide what makeup you really need. And don’t say all of it. I only bring a mascara and a lipstick and that is it. Of course, you can bring more. But believe me when I say that you do not need 9 eyeshadows, 3 highlighters and I don’t know what else you use. It will save a lot of space and weight.


Your phone is so good for more than just taking fun photos. Before you leave, make sure you delete photos to have enough room for what you need. And when you travel, take photos of your luggage (easier to describe if it gets “misplaced”) and your bag tags (same reason).
Take a picture of your hotel and other reservation information to easily access it if your wifi or data doesn’t work any reason. The same holds true for credit cards, passports, etc. In an emergency, you have all your information at your fingertips. – Michelle Price of Honest & Truly

When you travel internationally if you don’t have an international data plan (check to see – you just might and not know it!) pull up Google maps and navigate to your destination for the day while still connected to your hotel or ship wifi. The map will still work and get you to where you’re going even when you’ve left your wifi access, allowing you to more easily navigate unfamiliar cities. – Michelle Price of Honest & Truly

Make sure you have a powerbank with you. You never know when your phone is about to die. What if your phone dies just before that beautiful view?

Attractions, holidays and Parks

The best time to visit national parks in the US is in late April or early May. It is before the summer crows rush in, and you will often find spring growth and waterfalls and rives at full force from the winter snowmelt. –
Everything Everywhere

Before you book, see if there are any holidays in that period. It is possible that attractions, parks, and shops will be closed these days. On most Dutch Holidays, everything is open. Just make sure that you don’t plan a day to a nature park and end up standing before a closed door.

Best travel tips from travelers

Here they are. Some of the best travel tips by travelers. Of course, there are hundreds and hundreds more. But this is a good start.

I would say, Go and plan your next trip!

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25 of the best travel tips from travelers
25 of the best travel tips from travelers
travel tips from travelers
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