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Uitzicht vanaf Benalmadena

Last summer I worked in Spain as a guide. After a week at home, I missed Spain already. So I decided to go back to Spain and follow Spanish lessons. I already had Spanish at school, but don’t ask me to give a speech or something.  

Why Spain?

Why would I go to Spain and not to Mexico or something further away? Well, first of all, Money. Going to Spanish lessons is so expensive, that I already gave up on the idea when I saw the prices. But after talking to my parents we decided that it is an amazing opportunity and they help me with it. I love the Spanish Language.

You could curse at me all you want, as long as you do it in Spanish.  Then you get the where. Spain is so big and every part has something else to offer. I decided after a lot of comparing and doubting to go back to Benalmadena, where I also worked this summer.

This is because I did not see everything yet, but I know where I will end up. I also got a good offer for a room, so I had a bigger budget for the lessons.

Spain is also an amazing country. It has so many different things to offer. From beautiful cities to wonderful nature. The people I have met are some of the best and nicest.

And of course the language. Spanish sounds so beautiful and romantic. It will still be a while before I go, but I am counting the days. So let’s hurry up and let it be January already.  

Have you ever did a language study abroad? What did you think?

*How did my first week go?*

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