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best activities to do in Benalmadena

Benalmadena is a town close to Malaga in Spain. Located in Andalucia at the Costa del Sol, the weather is nice year round. It is not the most-known city in Spain, but it is a very nice location. Let me tell you what you can do in Benalmadena!

Benalmadena exists of three parts: Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena Pueblo and Benalmadena Costa.

Benalmadena Costa

Costa is one of the three parts of town. It is the lower part of the city all along the beach.

Here you will find the boulevard, beach, restaurants and most of the hotels.

It is a great place to go for a walk from one side to the other. Benalmadena Costa ends at the Puerto Marina, where Torremolinos begins.

Arroyo de la Miel

Arroyo de la Miel is the new center of Benalmadena. Here you will find the main train station, restaurants, shops, but also most activities held by the town.

Benalmadena Pueblo

Benalmadena Pueblo is the most beautiful part if you ask me. It is a little white city up to the mountain.

It is the original city from Benalmadena and it grew together with Costa and Arroyo de la Miel. Pueblo (town in Spanish) is located 200 meters high.

Benalmadena pueblo

Puerto Marina

Puerto Marina is the harbor of Benalmadena. Here you can spend the whole day or at least an evening.

There are shops, restaurants, bars and activities. During the day, you can take a boat tour, make a trip with the little train or shop a bit.

In the evening, all the lights go on and the atmosphere is great. A perfect place for an evening out. From dinner to clubs.

It is crowded with locals and tourist and everybody has fun. So it is definitely a place you should visit.

As it is in between Torremolinos and Benalmadena, you can easily reach it from both sides.



Sealife Benalmadena is located in the Puerto Marina. Maybe you know it from other cities, as there are more Sealife locations.

Enjoy the sea stars, fishes, seahorses, rays, sharks, turtles and my favorite: the Otters!

I found Nemo!

It is not the biggest, but it is a nice place to go for an hour or a bit longer. You can take a break from the sun, enjoy and have a little walk.

Kids will love this also!

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Selwo Marina

Selwo Marina is a theme park with Dolphins, Penguins and other sea animals. Like a SeaWorld.

It is not the biggest, but if you want to do something instead of laying on the beach the whole day. It is pretty nice. Just to enjoy a walk and do something.

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Selwo Marina is part of a chain with two other theme parks. Teleférico in Benalmadena and Selwo Aventura close to Estepona.

Teleférico Benalmadena

The Teleférico is a cable car that goes from Arroyo de la Miel up the mountain. 800 meters high in total.

It takes 15 minutes to get up the mountain. The little cable car can take 4 persons at the time. During the trip, you can find mountain goats and fresh herbs if you are lucky. Just keep your eyes open!

view teleferico
The view from Benalmadena all the way to Fuengirola

Once up the mountain, you can see a large part of the Costa del Sol, Sierra Nevada and if you are lucky, you can also see Gibraltar and the Moroccan coastline.
It has to be nice weather though.

Twice a day, there is a bird show. They have different birds, eagles and more. Kids love it.


You can also walk a bit higher if you want. With uneven stairs, you can climb around the mountain top. But you already have a nice view from the lower part, so it is not necessary.

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Butterfly Park

Close to Benalmádena Pueblo lays the Mariposario de Benalmádena. This is a beautiful park with over 1,500 butterflies.

The lifespan from butterflies is only 1-3 weeks, so if you visit multiple times, you will find new species every time. They have 150+ different species.

You can also learn a lot about butterflies and see them hatch and more!

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Tivoli World

You will find Tivoli World next to the Teleférico in Arroyo de la Miel. This is a mix between a theme park and a fair.

There are two different kind of tickets. The basic, where you pay entrance and for every attraction, or the all-in tickets where the attractions are included.

There are a few attractions and different shows. It is not the biggest and brightest, but nice for a afternoon out with kids.

It is more a fair, as you pay for the attractions separate and the attractions are a bit smaller than theme parks. Don’t expect big roller coasters or something.

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What to do in Benalmadena?

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do in Benalmadena. Even though it is a small town. Next to all these activities, you also have a beautiful beach, nice restaurants, and a lot of day trips.

It is a very nice city to go visit for a few days or hit up during a road trip through Andalucia.

What is a place you would love to visit?

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