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Me during the cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Me, during the cooking class in Chiang Mai

So, this is me. I am one of the least photogenic people you will ever meet.  Gladly, I do not have a lot of pictures with me. 

People always call me weird or crazy. Well, I am. Just in a positive way. I am always up to do something crazy and spontaneous. As now I am studying Spanish in Spain and just left everything behind!

I know the struggle about not knowing what to cook tonight or searching Netflix for an hour and end up watching FRIENDS for the billionth time. As I did a lot of these things and try a lot of new stuff, I believe I can help you find something new to watch in no time! 

My love for cooking

As you can see, I love cooking. My ideal weekend or any day is spending a few hours in the kitchen. I do not care what I am cooking, as long as I am cooking.

I started cooking when I was 6. You know, the helping your mom or dad in the kitchen cooking. As I noticed that I loved it, I started learning to cook on my own and by the time I was 8, I was cooking for my family. 

I remember the first big meal I was allowed to cook. It was for Christmas when I was 12 or 13. I had to cook for 10 people! For me, that was so big and amazing!
As I suspected, I loved it and started cooking even more. 

From when I was 16 to 20 I even cooked 6 nights a week for my family. I also had a period that I would bake cakes every weekend. But really the three-tier cakes and with marzipan and everything. I even took some courses in baking and cooking. 

Withcaitlyn in Gibraltar

My love for traveling

My love for traveling came to me pretty weird. I had to choose a college in two weeks as I quit school. I could choose between Tourism or the Cooking school. I decided that I can also cook when I am not working, so I went with tourism. 

After I studied what I was going to learn and what kind of jobs were possible, I fell in love. There were so many things outside of Holland! Of course, I always liked going on holidays with my parents, but after this (4 years ago) I wanted to travel the world and on my own. 

Jeepsafari on Corfu, Greece

My love for reading

I guess I have to thank my sister for this. She studied a year in America and had some books that she would mail to us because they did not fit in her suitcase. She told me she is not coming home unless I read the Hunger games from the package. 

As I missed her and wanted her to come back, I tried it. It was my first book in English and I got the story pretty well. All three books were there and finished in 3 weeks. Now I get a lot of series I have to read as she is a walking library. 

I actually have some months that I will read a book a day and I have months that I do not read at all. But I guess this sounds familiar for you. 

My love for binge-watching

This actually began a few years ago when I discovered The Walking Dead. I started to watch it and could not stop. Then we got Netflix and I discovered so many new shows.  

I can easily watch a season a day and hate it when amazing shows only have one season! But I guess I am not the only one on that one. 

My Family

Get to know me

  • Birthday: 5 December 1998 (on a Dutch holiday!)
  • Favorite movie: I have to say Rock of Ages and Tangled
  • Favorite music: Hard one, I listen to a lot. Movie soundtracks will be on top!
  • Favorite food: You can wake me up for some pasta! Especially Pasta Carbonara!
  • Favorite TV show: Until last season it was The Walking Dead, but now it is The 100. 
  • Languages I speak: Well, Dutch, English and starting to get Spanish now!
  • Favorite country: I have to say that Indonesia and Spain are neck to neck.

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