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10 tips to stay safe while traveling

I think it is so important to stay safe while traveling. It does not matter if you are traveling alone, with friends or with your parents. Staying safe is important and with some easy tricks, you can feel extra safe. 

I use most of these tips and the ones I did not try yet, I got from friends and family. During my next travels, I will try these out. 

A secret place

I always divide my money and important stuff into two places. It depends on my company how I do this. When I am alone, I will put some money in a glass case in my suitcase or backpack. My wallet is always in my handbag. 

This way, if one gets stolen or lost, you always have some money. If you have two bank cards, you can do the same. Divide it into two places and make sure you always have something. 

I am not talking about putting €200,- in each bag. Most of the times, I have about 30 euros in my second place. Enough for a taxi to the hotel or police, food etc. 

The right bag

So I know a lot of girls that take a nice and expensive brand bag with them on their holidays. I get that this is nice, but it is not always smart. Most of these bags, you carry in your had. This also means that it is quite easy to grab and run. 

I always take a bag that I can wear cross shoulder. This way they can not take it and run away. Well, unless they rip off my head… Most of the time, this is a small bag with just my phone, wallet, passport and earphones. (yes earphones, this way they do not get strangled that much…)

safetytip cross shoulder bag
I always have my bag cross shoulder. My backpack is behind my grandma taking the picture

All my other stuff are in my backpack. Like a bottle of water, maps, a notebook, sunglasses. Of course, I do not want to lose this, but if something happens, I still have the most important stuff. 

Spiritual Luck

I got this one from a friend and I actually love it. She is very positive and believes in fate and signs. It is because of her, that I became a bit more positive and hopeful and I will for sure try this one out. 

You have a lot of different stones that have their own meaning and power. Some are to get more confidence and self-love, but you also have them for luck during travels. 

amethystbracelet for travel luck

This amethyst is a great stone to bring with you on a trip because it can help provide safety and protection while traveling. 

I actually ordered it to use on my next travel and then I will let you know! 
You can find this bracelet and all her other great stuff here!

Not everyone believes in things like this, but why not try it? You never know if something works if you do not try, right?

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Always make sure you have pictures from your passport, driving license and other important cards on your phone. A copy in your bag can also not hurt. 

If your passport gets stolen, you can go to the embassy and get an emergency passport. This whole process is easier if you have a copy and the passport number. 

Travel documents and camera

I had some guests that lost their passports and they were able to travel home with a picture and a police report. It takes a minute to take the pictures and it can save you so much trouble. 

Of course, if you have wifi, it is also smart to make a back up of your holiday pictures. This is handy and you can not lose them, but they won’t make you any safer. 

First Aid kit

Always keep some basic first aid stuff in your backpack or daypack. Just some plasters, aspirin and small stuff like that. Have some more stuff in your luggage. 

I always carry the following: plasters, aspirin, bandages, scissors, tweezers. 
Because I have a bad knee, I also bring my brace when I do something active. 
Just think about things you use a lot and bring it. 

first aid kit

Say no to bacteria!

Bring some hand sanitizer. Especially in the poorer and more basic countries, there is not always soap or the toilets are not that clean. How great is it if you can still wash your hands?

I always have a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my bag. After every meal or when I touched a toilet door or something, I use it. Just to be safe. 

I am also one of those people that will pet any animal on the street, even though they say you should not do that.
So then it is very handy to clean your hand after.

Emergency Information

It only takes a minute to write down some information and put it in your bag, wallet and luggage. This can help you if you end up in the hospital, if someone finds your bag or if the airline company loses your luggage.

I like to type it, so everyone can read it. Put the following information on there:

  • Full name
  • Full address
  • Phone number from you + emergency contact (parents or something)
  • blood type
  • allergies
  • other important stuff they need to know

I also make a note in my phone with this information


I work in tourism and I have to say: It is stupid to go on a trip without insurance. I had people who would get money back, but they did not have an insurance, so now they just lost everything

It is not only important for money. They also help you with transport back to your country, finding a hospital, covering phone costs to your loved ones and all this.

So please, please! Get an insurance. Even for a weekend trip that is only 2 hours away. What if something happens?

Share information

My parents and I have one rule. We sent each other our itinerary. This way there is always someone who knows where you are and where you are staying.

We share flight information, contact information, hotels and everything else you can think of.

Of course, this is a bit difficult to do if you are backpacking. But make sure to send all your confirmations to a friend of family member when you get them. Or just text them the hostel name you are staying for a few days. Or at least say in which city you are.

And I know you post on social media. But it is not the same. If you go missing, they have to guess from the pictures where you are and they do not know where you stay.

If you have sent an address, or shared your account. They can see much more information and it will help you.

Learn Self Defense

You do not know to learn how to win a fight. But it might be handy to know how to get loose from a tight grip, buy some time to run or get help.

If you hit someone just right, it can buy you enough time to run to a place where there are people or into a building.

Watch some videos online, practise some punches on your brother (or with him) or take a class.

self defense and stop
Say stop and defense yourself if necessary!

10 tips to stay safe

I do not wish anything to happen to anyone on their travels. But it is always smart to be prepared.

Don’t stay in the hotel because you are afraid or don’t talk to anybody. The chance that something goes wrong is not that big. This will also ruin your holiday.

Most of these tips are really easy to do and they don’t only make you feel so much safer but they actually help you to stay safe while traveling.

I use these methods on all of my tips. I made sure that I followed them in Thailand, as you hear stories about Asian countries, but also in Europe.

What do you do to stay safe while traveling?

Tips for staying safe while traveling
tips to stay safe while traveling
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  • Elida

    20 February 2019

    So many great tips, i love them ❤ thank you for sharing so much great content!

  • 27 February 2019

    Great list of ways to stay safe while traveling! I love traveling and safety is often a concern of my loved ones. It takes just a little bit of preparation in order to stay safe and it’s so worth it!

    ? Alexx | Aesthetics by Alexx

  • Wendy Overeinder

    26 March 2019

    good smart list!

  • Lydia

    12 April 2019

    Uhh! I have to take pictures of all my important documents! Thanks for sharing! (:

  • Geez Louise

    12 April 2019

    Great tips, thank you for sharing!

  • 27 April 2019

    Really great post Caitlyn! These tips are great and very useful. It’s super important to stay safe during your travels 🙂


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